We have created a section for Local Stories (see under a Newcomer to A.A). Please send your stories (max 500 words) to – please state what alias you would like to be called for anonymity purposes.

We are looking for a wide variety of different stories for them to choose from.

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       Big Book Online – 4th Edition              Living Sober


Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions – Online

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The AA Group             Young people and AA          AA for the Woman          

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Too Young                   A Members Eye View                Problems OtherThan AlcoholAA Members - Medication & Drugs                                    Do you think your different          P-84 - Many Paths to Spirituality
AA Members – Medication & Drugs                                             Many Paths to Spirituality
                                                          Do you think your different


AA FOR THE OLDER ALCOHOLIC                   Q & A on Sponsorship             Jack Alexander Article

AA for the Older Alcoholic                                                  The Jack Alexander Article
                                                Questions and Answers on Sponsorship

Bridging the Gap




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  1. Great intergroup meeting this Thursday… insightful and positive to see so many members working together to achieve a common goal….

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