Intergroup – Vacant Service Positions

We are looking for new members to join NE Wales intergroup with the intention of new members taking over active roles (chairman, secretary, and regional rep to name but a few) within intergroup after a period of sponsorship into these positions. Please come along on Tuesday 24th November to Buckley meeting at 8pm for further details.

a) Health Liaison Officer – Liaising with external agencies and bodies, promoting AA externally carrying the message ensuring Health, Safety and Well Being.

b) Public Liaison Officer –  is responsible for ensuring that information about the AA message and programme of recovery is conveyed to outside organisations to the best possible advantage. The provision of a panel of members to comply with requests for speakers is an important part of this activity.

C) An Employment Liaison Officer assumes responsibility for liaising with all sectors of commerce and industry.

D)  Intergroup Secretary – vacancy in spring next year due to rotation out of office

We are always looking for Telephone Responders for 4 hour shifts – please advise your GSR

We are always looking for Twelve Steppers for local areas – please advise your GSR

Gratitude Week – around 10th June

Gratitude Week

When he came home that night, his entire outlook had changed. He (Dr. Bob) was happy, and, like Bill, he was finally a free man. It was June 10th 1935. Now honoured as the date when AA truly began.

From ‘Pass It On’ p. 149

Gratitude week commemorates this key period in AA history.

At meetings near to June 10th some groups ask members to contribute a little extra (in addition to Tradition 7) to show their gratitude for the fellowship. The suggestion is for a single contribution, made at your home group, of the cost of a days drinking at today’s prices (subject to financial ability).

If your group chooses to take this collection, it ought to collected separately and sent to the Intergroup Treasurer clearly mark as ‘Gratitude Week Contribution’.