We are reviewing the North East Wales Intergroup website at and we would like your opinions on how it could be improved.
Please visit the site and let us have your ideas. You can leave your comments using the “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom of the Contact page on the website.

  • Is the site attractive and easy to use?
  • Does it give the information members need?
  • Does it give the information non-members need?
  • Is it easy for you to input your comments?
  • Is there anything missing, if so what?

Don’t forget that if you or your Group has any news or announcements that it wants to share, you can post them on the website at any time using the Contact page.

We will set up a group news section. If you are trying to recruit new mother group members or you change your meeting times; if you are celebrating a special AA birthday or you want to share a special AA experience, use the Contact page to tell us about it and we’ll put it on the website for everyone to see. AA Traditions of anonymity must always be preserved and all comments will be moderated before going public.
Just like the fellowship, the website works best if you “keep coming back”!


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