A Message for Professionals

  • We are here to help you to help others
  • We want to cooperate
  • We do not affiliate ourselves with any external organisation
  • We won’t tell you how to do your job
  • We provide a free service


AA has a number of service functions that you, as a professional, can tap into at no financial cost.

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How AA Co-operates with Professionals

Health: AA works with GPs, hospitals and treatment centre staff. We offer a variety of services 

Health Care Professional from talks with medical staff to individual contact for patients with a drinking problem.

AA as a Resource for Health Care Professionals


Probation / Social Services: AA members are willing to meet with people on probation and  AA Prisonintroduce them to AA meetings. AA members are also willing to give talks to social workers, either individually or in groups, to explain how AA can help them and help their clients

A Message to Correction Professionals


Employers: AA offers a range of services from talks with employers to individual contact. This could be to a group of managers, human resources teams or any other group that may benefit from a better understanding of alcoholism.

Is there an AA in the workplace


Public Information: AA co-operates with national and local media and meets with a wide range of organisations to explain how AA works.

AA in your Community

Education: AA has a long tradition of giving talks to groups of students. These have always produced lively question and answer sessions as young people learn more about the nature of alcoholism and Alcoholics Anonymous. It is our hope that the knowledge they gain will help them in later life.

A Brief guide to AA

To access any of these services or for any further information please reply in the comment box below, your comments or requests will be kept confidential and will not be published as a comments unless requested.




  1. Hi, i am a nurse and work for SMS in flintshire. I am wondering if you are aware of any AA groups for non english speakers? i have a client who can only speak Polish and i am struggling to find him any groups within the community. thank you Amy Roberts



      Head office is in London.
      Do you have a drinking problem?
      Alcoholics Anonymous can help you.
      Call: 0207 – 403 – 8520
      Or write:

      Masz problem z piciem?
      Anonimowi Alkoholicy mogą ci pomóc.
      Zadzwoń: 0207 – 403 – 8520
      Lub napisz :

      The nearest meeting is in Chester on a Saturday

      CHESTER (Cheshire)
      AA Group “Przebudzenie” google pin
      3:30 pm – Saturday
      Penultimate saturday each months meeting is open.
      Last meeting of the month meeting with speach.
      Church St. Francis of Asis, Grosvenor Street ,
      Chester, CH1 2DD

      Entrance: Side green door next to church parking lot.

      Chester, Grupa “Przebudzenie” Przedostatnia sobota miesiąca miting otwarty.
      Ostatnia sobota miting z spikerką. SOBOTA
      16.00 Church St. Francis of Asis, Grosvenor Street,CH1 2DD

      Hope this is of help.

      Peter D.

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